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posted Jul 7, 2012, 1:11 AM by jj pionke
OMG I WILL NEVER TAKE A WASHER AND DRYER FOR GRANTED EVER AGAIN.  Yes, I needed caps.  I just spent the last hour washing my "unmentionables" and socks by hand.  I will have hands of steel after 6 weeks.  It took an hour to agitate, rinse, and wring out 5 days worth.  I also have shirts, pants, and my pajamas currently soaking.  Add in that there is no way to dry other than by air and it is considered unconscionably rude to put your underwear outside to dry in the sun and well now I have underwear hanging over the headboards in my room.  I did figure that I could get away with drying my socks on the back balcony in the sun though.  I figure whatever the soap missed, the sun will cleanse.  Also, I hope that I actually was able to get most or all of the soap out.  I now know why everyone was telling me that once I started doing laundry that my hands would dry out, crack, and bleed. 

There are no laundromats here and either you do your laundry yourself or you pay a woman to do it.  I borrowed a bucket and a basin from the caretaker of this apt/hotel building and have been using both to speed up process of washing so that I can have more soaking at one time.  Luckily, we did buy soap on the grocery run we did on Tuesday.  Interesting thing to think about...there are no screens on anything so my back door is wide open which means birds and insects could easily fly in and of course, I can hear the kids screaming and talking in the nearby areas.  This is more of an issue for the bedroom because birds have been landing on my windowsill and pecking at themselves in the reflections of the glass (the glass is like a mirror, I can see out easily, but people can't see in, unless it is nighttime of course).  I opened the window anyway in there but lowered the blinds and then twisted them open to let in as much light as possible so at least I am still getting air and light and hopefully it will deter any birds that land on my windowsill. 

All of this doesn't include what I wore on the plane - jeans and a sweater.  Those might be for tomorrow.  We'll see if I make it through my shirts today.  yeesh.

Lesson for all of you, don't take washers and dryers for granted!