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posted Jul 5, 2012, 9:36 AM by jj pionke
So, people don't usually pack lunches and right now I wouldn't even know where to find a grocery store let alone pack a lunch.  There is refrigeration but not in a way that is accessible to me at work so there are several shacks near the front gate and those make food for the local workers.  Today I had Matoke and Binyebwa.  This translates into mashed green plantains (matoke) with a peanut sauce (Binyebwa).  Mine also had a bit of yam and there was fish in the binyebwa.  Needless to say I didn't eat the fish and the yam was rather tasteless.  The matoke was alright but OMG the portion was huge.

So, in the picture above, the yellow stuff is the matoke and the goop on top of it is the binyebwa.  The lump on the right on the plate is yam.  The carton in the background is mango juice.  That wasn't mine but I thought you might be interested.  What we would think of as sort of exotic juices are really common here.  Right now, we have half a carton of passion fruit juice and some mango juice in our fridge.