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Murchison Falls Wrap Up

posted Jul 29, 2012, 10:24 AM by jj pionke
Going on safari was well worth the expense, hassle, haggling, jarred spine, and frustration that came with actually getting there.  David was amazing and really knew his stuff.  He was kind, patient, and had an excellent idea of what we would want to see, even if we didn't know ourselves.  Our accommodation at the Murchison River Lodge was great.  Though we were lazy camping, we weren't that uncomfortable.  The camp shower was a lot of fun, though it wasn't necessary if you wanted to trek over the shower/bathroom building.  The owner, a Brit named Chris, was really nice, talkative, and knew his business.  The place was clean, well kept up, and clearly well though out, including having ashkaris (night watchment) escort you back to your lodging in the dark, in part so that you didn't encounter anything along the way.  Since we were lazy camping a bit of a walk from the Nile, we didn't have a problem with the hippos, though apparently the people who are nearer to the river need to make sure they stay put all night as hippos are night feeders and they come up onto the bank to eat the vegetation in the middle of the night.

True facts: hippos kill more people each year than any other animal in Uganda.  They are considered to be the most dangerous, even though they are vegetarians.  That said, I told David that I had no intention of becoming a hippo snack.

The Falls were amazing.  Seeing the various animals in real life was just incredible - I did shoot video of critters moving around but it's gonna have to wait a bit to go up on youtube.  Ditto on the pictures.  The Reporter and I both took pictures and we are going to share so that we get the best between us.  Again, when I have good stable internet connection, I'll be uploading lots and lots of photos to Flickr.

I'm very glad that we did safari.  We are going to try to swing a one day safari to a park that is close to Kampala.  It would be a very packed day, but this other park is supposed to have zebra and impala.  Worth it in my opinion!

me in front of Murchison Falls