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posted Jul 9, 2012, 9:17 AM by jj pionke
Sunday was quite the busy day.  I had Harriet the taxi driver show me the way to the grocery store and then we went to the local market.  The grocery store does carry produce, but the market is cheaper and has more variety.  Since I had her and her car, I decided getting more groceries was better so we got a mango, bananas, avocados, and "Irish" potatoes (regular potatoes like in America).  This woman was quite the entrpreneur, was willing to bargain (unlike the woman next to her), and knew some English.  Since I had Harriet with me, she did all the bargaining and talking for me.

Produce Seller with her Produce

The stall to the right is a meat stall.  That red thing hanging?  Yep, that is some sort of meat.  Believe me, after seeing the conditions in that meat stall I was reminded of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle and might just be mostly vegetarian for the duration unless I am at a place like Anna's.

After the grocery run, I finally met the guy from last year's team, let's call him SoftSpoken.  He's quite nice, soft spoken as his nickname implies, and had just flown in whereupon his luggage was lost.  Here's hoping it shows up eventually.  Then I trooped home, had some dinner, and did grading. 

All in all, it was a fairly relaxing weekend and now having a better idea of my geography has made me feel more secure in being here.  I can find the grocery store, know which direction Kampala is as well as the airport, and have a better handle on money/food/a few words.  Things are looking alright. 

Today in the archive, I had one of the gems.  Everyday, we find something of interest.  Sometimes, it something that could be used in someone's research and sometimes, it's just of interest.  My find today was that Uganda had banned Ben Hur when it came out and the censorship board received a letter from MGM asking why.  They sent back this reply:  I know it might be hard to read and for that I apologize.

Why Ben Hur was banned in Uganda

Also, for my mother, the blue blob in the middle of the picture below is some sort of bird that hangs out at Anna's. 

Blue bird at Anna's