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Saturday: Murchison Falls

posted Jul 29, 2012, 7:52 AM by jj pionke
I should be clear and say that we also saw baboons on Friday but I can't show a zillion pictures....sorry folks!  Anyway, Saturday was the big day.  We got up before dawn and then drove to the park to do a game drive in the morning.  We saw elephant, giraffe, cobb, hartebeast, water buffalo, waterbuck, aribi, hippo, crocodile, fish eagle, a wide variety of other birds, in short, a lot of animals.  Halfway through the drive, we took a short break to stretch by the Nile and there was a pod of hippos.  There they are!

The hippos and I

The giraffes were numerous and all over the place.  They were pretty awesome.


David explained that they are called sausage trees and that the "sausages" are a type of vegetable that the various monkeys like.  It's good for their digestion.

sausage tree