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Sick, Power Searching, and Dinner

posted Jul 14, 2012, 10:20 PM by jj pionke
I definitely have a cold.  Been checking for fever, but don't have one.  That said, I've had the sore throat and general joint pain which over dinner last night segued into the stuffed head, runny nose thing.  I slept (if you can call it that) propped up last night.  My roommate woke me up at 4am to let her in and I just couldn't go back to sleep after that so here I am.

I'm feeling pretty collected at the moment (it won't last, I can feel my energy starting to flag) so I have been doing Power Searching With Google Class.  It's only open for a short time and the course started on July 10th and I am behind so since I can't concentrate on anything like grading at this very moment, I figured it would be nice to try and get through this.  So far, nothing really that I didn't already know, but I know I am an advanced Google user so I am sure the later lessons will have new to me stuff.

The professor in charge of this cataloging project is here in East Africa doing the tour.  He was in Nairobi last week and this week, he is here for a few days.  Anyway, he had dinner with the team, and a few others, last night.  We went to this place called Faze 3 which is near Lake Victoria (but not actually on the lake).  Excellent food.  They had some Indian food so I ordered Chicken Tikka Masala as well as plain naan and feta cheese naan.  The feta cheese naan wasn't exactly what I had envisaged but that is ok, it was still damn good.  We sat on the terrace that looked out towards the lake and it was a gorgeous view.  Mostly, everyone talked about their research, etc which kind of left me as odd man out, especially since I wasn't feeling well.  This cold has lousy timing.  By the end of dinner the noise and my throbbing sinuses were starting to really get to me and I just wanted to flee...which is pretty much what I did.  Everyone else had another drink and apparently went to the Water Front Club for live music.  I'll have to ask the roommate how things went when she wakes up.

I was supposed to go to Jinja this weekend and see the source of the Nile but ugh....stupid cold.  I canceled with Harriet the taxi driver.  Maybe next weekend.  My friend is coming into town on Sunday so maybe I will go up on Saturday or I could save it and we could do it as a last thing before she leaves (she's visiting for 2 weeks!).  This cold had better be well and gone by the time she gets here.