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Sunday: Murchison Falls

posted Jul 29, 2012, 8:55 AM by jj pionke
To get back to Entebbe, we had to drive through a chunk of the park so I was able to get better pictures of Baboons.

Female Baboon with Baby

The Baboons liked to hang out in the middle of the road in part because it was warmer which means you might get pictures like this one:

Baboons on the road

After getting through the park, we then drove all the way back to Kampala where we stopped at the largest craft market, picked up a few things for people at home (Mom, got a lovely piece of sturdy fabric!), and then had lunch.  We told David we would treat to wherever he wanted to go.  There are no US fast food chains here (no McDonald's or the like)...so what did he want?  The Uganda equivalent of fast food.  We landed up at a Chicken Express - we had burgers and he had chicken. 

One last pic for my brother:

Drive Slowly!