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Sunday with more Safari Pictures

posted Aug 5, 2012, 12:04 AM by jj pionke
Why yes, have some more safari pictures because how often does one actually go on safari?  I'll move on to other things after this, I promise.  What can I say, I am compensating because I can't post to Flickr on this slower than molasses internet.

Anyway, a picture of cattle actually.  These were in Mburro, though they weren't supposed to be.  I had to take a picture of cattle because they look nothing like the cattle back home.  They are Egyptian cattle and the horns are hollow with blood vessels running through them which act as basically a coolant system.


And here we have a picture of a Waterbuck.  These were also at Murchison but we never really got a good picture of them.  I do have pictures of females which have no horns but I'll save those for the Flickr.  Obviously, this guy was in the middle of the road.