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T-Minus 6 days but who is counting?

posted Aug 7, 2012, 10:53 PM by jj pionke
Tuesday of next week I take off for Europe and then for home 5 days after that.  My last post was about things that I am not going to miss, but there are things I will.  I will definitely miss the greenery.  There is so much green everywhere.  There's a lot of green at home and there was a lot in Singapore as well whereas Thailand and Malaysia were both very much devoid of greenery.  There isn't a lot grass or such per se in the city but there are trees of all kinds and when you get out of the city, there are all sorts of grasses and shrubs.  It's a gorgeous country in terms of plant and animal life.  I'm going to miss the people that I work with.  They've been great and it's been an amazing experience working with them.  I'm also going to miss Anna's, a local cafe/restaurant/internet/shop/what have you.  It's in a great location, there's always a breeze, and the food is good.  As much as the constant noise from the local kids drives me up a wall, I am going to miss seeing them.  The littlest ones always wave at me and cry out muzungu so joyously that it is hard not crack a smile.  I'm also going to miss the giant avocados and mangos as well as the finger bananas.  So good!