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Friday: Murchison Falls

posted Jul 29, 2012, 7:35 AM by jj pionke   [ updated Jul 29, 2012, 7:41 AM ]
David, our driver and guide, picked us up at 8am on Friday morning.  The drive to Murchison Falls Park took 5 hours and we skirted the edge of Kampala with it's crappy traffic.  The park covers a bit over 5000 kilometers and it is the largest in Uganda.  It covers several different ecological areas, including forest, rain forest, and savannah.  David was really sweet, good at his job, and overall a great guy:

David, our driver

Once we got the park, David took us up to Murchison Falls.  The falls are the highest pressurized falls in the world and they are impressive.  This particular picture is actually after the falls.  The water comes down with so much force that it shoots back up causing it to froth and foam, especially after the second churning, as depicted here.

the Falls

Then we headed over to the Murchison River Lodge which sits right on the Nile and is an ecologically friendly facility.  It was pretty awesome.  We lazy camped which meant an army issue tent with real beds on the inside and there was also a camp shower.  There were real showers not too far away, but I liked the camp shower.  There was something about looking up and seeing the stars and the moon as you washed the day's dust off.

camp shower